Web Design + Copywriting
'Take me as I am.'
Image: Sunny Chung @  Sunny in Hawaii

Image: Sunny Chung @ Sunny in Hawaii

Hello creative change-maker! 
It's your time... 

You're on this planet to do big and beautiful things. I'm here to make sure your website does you and your vision justice.

Because if there's one thing I can't let go of, it's people overlooking their own magic. My mission is to help you uncover yours, and turn it into a website with Style, Story, Strategy and Soul.

After all, your website is essentially you in digital form, an extension of your identity, your vision, and your value. Let's show the world you mean business. 


Why me? Because I know how much this means, and I know how much it takes...

Having spent the last 10 years working with creatives, start-ups and building my own businesses, I know there are days when you feel SO alive and grateful to be living your passion, and there are days when you're utterly overwhelmed by all the DIY balls that you're juggling.

I also know what a difference it can make to have a website that's both beautiful and smart, showcasing, supporting and streamlining your work, 24/7. (Oh, and a wholehearted, slightly obsessive creative partner to help make it happen! ;p)

So far, I've helped creative change-makers from all walks of life infuse more magic into their websites and copy, from designers and photographers, to coaches and therapists; from chefs and farmers, to brand strategists and activists. This is my heartwork, and I hope I can help you thrive with yours too.

Christina is not just another designer, she’s a creative partner that will take a proactive role in helping you generate ideas and bring your brand vision to life. She has a genuine flair for design, and a ton of passion and dedication. Working with her has been an absolute delight, and the responses to my new website have been nothing short of glowing.
— Sara Tang, Sarasense
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As for the story behind the name...

I was 21 or so, hanging out with my girlfriends watching Bridget Jones' Diary (for the 16th time!). I'm not sure how it came up, but one of my friends said the name, 'Zeoni'. It's African, apparently. 'Beautiful name! What does it mean?' I asked. 'Take me as I am,' she said. Wow... It gave me the shivers. 

Given my, um, state, I knew I'd forget it by morning, so I fumbled for my phone and sent myself a text:

'You will call your future daughter Zeoni. It means 'Take me as I am'.

15 years later (and a few days after learning I was pregnant with a daughter!), I decided to name my biz baby, Zeoni. The name echoes my mission: 

To authentically capture your brand essence, so that you can feel fully expressed in your words + website.


Christina Paul is a web designer + copywriter. Having spent her life between UK + HK, she currently lives in Indonesia with her husband, Rob, and 2 little ones, Bailey + Hazel.

After graduating with an MA from Oxford University, she trained at London Contemporary Dance School, and went on to travel the world for 3 years as tour manager for the internationally renowned Akram Khan Dance Company.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Christina's spent the last 10 years working in a range of fields, including the arts, fashion, education, holistic health and coaching.

Having DIY'd countless websites, Christina found her ultimate sweet spot, where her love for design, writing and people intersect. Zeoni Creations is her way of supporting fellow creatives and change-makers bring their own brand of magic to the world.