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Website Collaboration

Process & Details

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The Phases

My website collaboration process involves 2 phases:



This phase begins as soon as we’ve ‘sealed the deal’. It involves self-led Workbooks, Guidelines and 2 Coaching sessions to help you gain brand clarity, write your copy, and gather all the content you need for your site.

A sneak-peek into this phase:

“After our coaching session I felt utterly transformed (and cried for a good half an hour)! You showed me that what I had thought was hidden and incredibly complicated was not only beautifully simple, but actually right in front of me all along. You unlocked something in me and the perfect words just fell out of me onto the page without me realising, and then you showed me what they were. It was effortless, magical, and one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced. You showed me my own magnificence - just as I was, just as I am.” - Eli Trier, Community Creator



The Creation Phase is where I actually design, build and launch your website. It’s a fixed 4-week period that gets locked in once we’ve ‘sealed the deal’, an exclusive month whereby you’re my only full website project.

A sneak-peek into this phase:

“I just want to tell you again - I am in love with my site. It is so beautiful, the content is layered so thoughtfully, and I feel so proud to show it to people. Your particular mix of talents was the perfect fit for me: an amazing design aesthetic; taking care of the technical details and SEO; and copy-editing that retained my voice but made it more powerful and emotionally connected. You were driven by heart and intuition, getting deep inside of my HeartWork in order to create a website that seems to have my thumbprint, that feels completely ‘me’.“ - Melanie Eisner, Therapist for HSP

The Details

CLarity phase

  • A personalised Project Portal with step-by-step guidelines to keep you on-track

  • HeartWork Prompts

  • 60min HeartWork Coaching (brand clarity)

  • Web Content Workbook + Templates

  • 60 min HeartSong Coaching (web copy)

  • Pinterest Board Collaboration


  • A customised Squarespace site (8 pages)

  • Blog set-up and styling (4 posts)

  • Desktop & Mobile Responsive Design

  • Site-specific Search Engine Optimisation

  • Copy support

  • Up to 5h of image sourcing / processing

  • 3rd party integrations (e.g. newsletter, social, scheduling, etc)

  • Domain connection


  • Personalised website video training, tips and resources

  • 2 week post-launch email support

  • Follow-up site strategy call within 6 months of launch

  • Optional ongoing website support


Add-on Options

(+$500 each | + 1 week each)



You spill, I write. A fuller copy support process that usually covers Home, About and 1 Service page. Additional pages also available.



Includes shop styling and set-up of 8 products, with step-by-step guidance on check-out and shipping, payment processing, auto-emails, etc.


+wordmark logo

A minimalist web logo to match your new site’s branding. Includes icon, vertical & horizontal variations. Created on Canva, JPG / PNG format.

Why Squarespace?

 I use Squarespace exclusively for its balance of beautiful design, advanced functionality, and user-friendliness. Most of us are one-woman-bands - I think it’s so important to have a website platform that’s beautiful and powerful, but also super easy and affordable to maintain and update. Here are some of the main benefits of Squarespace, click on each title for more details:



Beautiful award-winning design with host of premium features.


In-built Analytics for easy tracking, with important data to support business growth.


Advanced, all-in-one, easy-to-manage e-commerce functionality.


3rd party integrations

Seamless integrations for wide range of social, marketing and scheduling platforms.

Search Engine Optimisation

In-built SEO-friendly features and configurations to optimise your online visibility.


A wonderfully integrated, user-friendly platform from $18/mth for a biz site (20% off through me).


Frequently Asked Questions


how customised are your sites?

All Squarespace sites begin as templates, but what I actually do is strip away everything that’s in the template so that we’re left with just the functionality of the template, not the design. This allows me to create a site that truly fits your brand and business.

I nearly always use templates within the Brine family, as they offer the most advanced functionality and design flexibility.

I also use quite a bit of custom coding to refine the details of the site, and make sure it looks beautiful both on desktop and mobile. Don’t worry, you won’t ever need to deal with intimidating coding stuff! It all happens quietly behind-the-scenes.


In the Clarity Phase, my copy support involves helping you move from your head into your heart so that your true voice can spill effortlessly on to the page. I’ll help you see the magic in your words (which you may well be overlooking), and show you how to turn it into effective, emotionally-intelligent website copy.

In the Creation Phase, I offer basic copy-editing to make sure your website copy is working synergistically with the site’s design, SEO, and user-experience. This might involve crafting powerful headlines, distilling your words to give them more potency, and/or organising your content in a way that’s sensitive to the reader’s emotional journey through your site.

I do offer an add-on ‘copywriting’ service for those that want me to take this off their plate, though you’d still need to work through a couple of my workbooks to ensure that I truly capture your unique voice and value. A simple way of distinguishing between these 2 services is: copy-editing = 80% you 20% me; copy-writing is 50% you 50% me.

WHat if I need more pages, products, or posts than you offer in your package?

My goal is to offer as much game-changing value as possible - within a reasonable timeframe and budget. That’s why I contain my package to cover what’s crucial, while providing personalised website training that empowers you to continue updating your site with ease and confidence.

After all, our websites are essentially digital extensions of us, and so they should be free to grow and evolve alongside us. Not to mention the fact that Google favours an active, oft-updated site!

So back to your question - you will be able to freely add more pages, products and posts to your site with the support of my website training. If you need more than 8 pages from the get-go, no problem, we can just convert to my hourly rate ($80/hour), or agree on a reasonable add-on fee.

Do you help source images?

Beautiful images are fundamental to a website’s design. If it’s within your budget, I highly recommend getting professional on-brand images of you and your work. If needed, I will include up to 5 hours of image sourcing, and can curate a library of up to 20 images that you can use for your site and marketing channels. Beyond this, I’ll give you resources and tips for effective image sourcing.


I cover all SEO best practices within the Squarespace platform, including:

  • Strategic placement of keywords in the headers, titles and descriptions of the site, individual pages, navigation, images, etc.

  • Ensuring your URLs are optimised.

  • Resizing all images to ensure high loading speed and enabling AMP (accelerated mobile pages) - Google likes a fast site!

  • Enabling SSL (secure sockets layer) for both security and SEO benefits.

  • Adding tags and categories to blog posts and products.

HOW MANY REVISIONS do you include?

Each week of our project consists of 1 revision cycle, so a 4-week project includes 4 revisions cycles. Towards the end of each week, I’ll present you with a number of pages to review. You’ll take the weekend to collate your feedback and requests in a Google Doc. At the beginning of the following week, we can jump on a call to discuss, and I’ll incorporate your requests for you to review at the next revision cycle. You can make as many revisions requests as you like within these 4 revision cycles.

I really need a new website right now, but there’s so much i still need to figure out in my business…

Our Clarity Phase should help you with that! Also, if there are offerings or features that you want to include but will take a while to launch (e.g. e-commerce, a new service, an e-course, etc), we can always roll out your site in phases so that you can put your website out into the world, while taking the time you need to to figure out the additional pieces.

The other thing to remember is that your website is not set in stone. In fact, there’s a saying in the web design world that a website is never truly finished, and that’s because it should be evolving alongside you and your business. You website training will give you the confidence to tweak you site as often as you like.


If you’re not already on Squarespace, then you’ll be signing up for an $18/month plan, which, with the 20% discount that you can get through me, comes to $172.80 / year.

My go-to resources for stock images are free, but if we don’t find what we need, we may turn to paid options. Also, if you want a side-bar for your blog, we may need to purchase a plug-in at $40.

And of course, if there are paid 3rd party platforms you want to integrate with your site, you’ll need to factor in those costs as well.

what are my responsibilities?

I’ll need you to complete the Clarity Phase work before our Creation Phase begins to ensure that we launch within our time together. This includes 2 workbooks, and uploading all images and content to our shared Google Drive. Once the Creation Phase rolls around, I’ll be doing the heavy-lifting! I’ll just need you to provide me with clear and timely feedback with each revision cycle.

Also, do note that while I help to connect 3rd party platforms to your site, I am not able to provide technical support within each platform, be it your email, newsletter, domain, payment or scheduling provider.


I'll be creating personalized training videos that cover editing/adding pages, SEO, and any other features that are specific to your site, such as blog and e-commerce. I'll also include some important tips and resources for website best practices. You’ll get 2-weeks post-launch email support, and a follow-up Site Strategy within 6 months of launch, so that we can review your site’s performance, and strategise on ways to boost it.

Should you need my support with any additional design or copywriting, I’m also available at my hourly rate of US$80.

I’d love to work with you! How do we start?

Wonderful! Just send me an email confirming you’d like to move ahead, and I'll send you a contract and invoice for the deposit. Our Creation Phase dates are locked in after we're signed and settled. I’ll then put together our Project Portal, and our website collaboration will officially begin…!