Ad-Hoc Support

 Hello! First of all, thank you for thinking of me. While my design calendar tends to get booked up with bigger website projects, I do like to set aside a bit of time each month to support past clients with any ad-hoc design or copywriting needs they might have.

What I’ve found with hourly work is that - between communication, creation, and revisions - it’s quite easy to underestimate the time that ends up going into any given project. To avoid any ‘surprises’, I’ve created some guidelines to make the process as smooth and streamlined as possible, so that our collaboration is time-effective for me, and cost-effective for you.

Please read through the guidelines outlined below. If everything sound good to you, then email me and we’ll get the ball rolling!


the essentials

  • My hourly rate is US$80.

  • I ask for a minimum commitment of 4 hours ($320).

  • Once you’ve provided me with a detailed brief, I’ll get back to you with an estimate of cost and timeline.

  • For projects that are estimated to take 8+ hours, we can agree on a fixed project rate instead.

  • I’ll send you a deposit invoice for the first 4h of our project to reserve our creation phase in my calendar.

  • Depending on the scope of your request, the typical lead-time between brief and delivery is 3-4 weeks.

  • I’ll keep a time-log, which will include all communication, image sourcing (if needed), creative work, revisions, and training or instructions (if needed).


The Process

  1. Email me a brief of your request.

    The more detailed your description on scope and specifications, the more accurately I’ll be able to estimate time and cost, and ensure timely delivery. Depending on your request, your brief might include information like:

    → Number of pages required
    → A wish-list of features or preferences
    → Whether you want help with images sourcing
    → (for photographers) number of images involved
    → References, examples, Pinterest Board…
    → Your ideal timeline


  2. Settle Invoice + reserve dates.

    Once we’ve agreed on the scope and timeframe, I’ll send you an invoice for the first 4h of our project ($320). Once paid, our proposed Creation Phase will be locked into my design calendar.

    Ahead of receiving payment I’ll hold our dates for 1 week. After that my availability may change, and our Creation Phase may be moved back.

3. Upload all material to a shared Folder.

Once we’ve confirmed our collaboration, please upload a finalised brief and all material to a shared Google Folder before our agreed creation phase. This might include:
→ An updated brief detailing what you want
→ All copy and information you want included
→ Any images, videos or audio files you want included
→ Any log-in details I might need
→ References and notes to illustrate your desired look+feel, maybe even an Pinterest Board.

4. Creation Phase + Revisions.

Once our creation phase rolls around, I’ll review all the material and notes you’ve provided in the shared Google Folder. Assuming everything’s clear and complete, projects typically involve 2 revision cycles. If more revisions or off-brief requests become necessary, the estimated time + cost of the project may be extended, and become subject to my availability at the time.


Once you’re happy with everything, I’ll send you an invoice for the outstanding amount (if applicable), transfer any design files (if relevant), and you’ll be all set!



  1. How will we be communicating?

    The final brief and materials should be uploaded to our shared Google Folder, not sent via email. I don’t want important information to get lost in my inbox, nor do I want to add unnecessary time + cost to our project with a gazillion back-and-forth emails, or me rummaging around for the right message / attachment / version… (can you tell it gets my panties in a bunch?!)

    If you have any questions before or during creation, feel free to email me. If it’s easier for us to talk, then an audio call on Zoom, FB Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp works for me as well. However, please make sure any follow up messages go to my email, and that any content or material related to your deliverable is uploaded to our shared Google Drive folder.

  2. Do i have to use google drive?

    If all your images or material are already organised on another sharing platform, I’m happy to access them that way. Please note that I don’t have a paid Dropbox account, so you’ll need to provide me with the public sharing link if your material is on Dropbox.

3. what if I don’t need 4 hours of work?

If you are a previous web design client who is just looking for some small, ongoing updates to your site, I am open to a retainer-like relationship, where you pay upfront for a 4-hour package that can be used for up to a 6 month period. I’ll keep a time-log and let you know when we’ve used up the 4 hours.

Otherwise, I find that between communication, creation, and revisions, 4 hours tends to be the minimum amount of time needed for any type of deliverable.

4. do you help with sourcing images?

Yes. If you’d like me to design a web page or graphic file, I can definitely help with image sourcing. My go-to tends to be free resources like Unsplash or Pexels. If we don’t find what we need I’ll use paid options like Shutterstock.

Please note that image sourcing and selection can sometimes become a big time-suck, so I may involve you more in the process if necessary. Feel free to provide images or references to help streamline the process.

4. What format should my media be in?

Images that you provide should be in JPG or PNG format. For websites, images should be under 500KB. I’m happy to resize images for you, but if you have alot of images and want to save project costs, you can use tools like Bulk Resize Photos (drag your images in, select the ‘file size’ option, and drag cursor to just under 500KB).

Videos for your site should be hosted on a hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Please provide the links to these videos, not the video files themselves.

Audio files should be in mp3 format - please upload them to the shared Google Folder you create, or provide links to where they can be downloaded.

5. What design platforms do you use?

For website projects, I exclusively use Squarespace. For graphic designs (logos, banners, PDFs, presentations, business cards, etc) I typically use Canva - it’s free and easy-to-use, which makes it cheaper and easier for you to make future updates to the templates I create for you. Aside from sharing the original Canva design with you, I’ll provide all design files in JPG, PNG or PDF formats. I do not use Illustrator.

6. For copywriting and editing services, how much content do I need to give you?

Again, in the interest of being time- and cost-effective, the more material and information you give me, the more value you’ll get from our time together. For copy-editing, I’ll need a finalised draft of the copy from you. For copywriting, I’ll still need you to provide as much material as possible. We may decide to use an interview format (written or spoken) to tease out all the information I need.


This process is designed to minimise the rounds of revisions (and therefore time + costs) required for each project. The more thorough and organised the material you provide before our Creation Phase, the fewer revisions we’ll need. Assuming everything’s clear and complete, projects typically involve 2 revision cycles. If more revisions or off-brief requests become necessary, the estimated time + cost of the project may be extended, and become subject to my availability at the time.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this! if you’re happy to move forwards, shoot me an email with An intial brief, and we’ll get this ball rolling!