When it comes to our HeartWork, I believe we all have our own unique song. It may remind us of other songs we love, but nobody can sing it quite like us. I help people tune into their own heart music so that their website writing can flow, with ease, from the heart - and move the people that need it most.
— Christina Paul

the heartwork process



Sink into my HeartWork prompts and let your Heart do the talking. Here’s where you’ll be reconnecting with your deepest impulses & purest intentions behind the work you do.



I'll show you the gold in your responses, and we'll get clear on your unique Voice, Vision and Value. We’ll also do an audit of your current website copy so see what’s missing.


distill (hw+CALL 2)*

Using the clarity we’ve gained, you’ll recraft your brand bio, taglines, and web copy. I’ll then give you feedback & pro tips to make sure your website finally does you justice.

*Depending on how much clarity work & writing support you need, additional calls & copy-editing are available. We’ll customise the process to your unique needs. Just get in touch and I’ll set you up with the basic package first (US$380) and scheduling link.